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Your Peeps Will Carry You: Environment Design, Part I

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True confession: these past couple months since I’ve started blogging and now that I’m launching my new class, I’ve often been an emotional wreck.  There is so much to do!  So much to remember!  And there is no doubt that I would be totally around the bend right now if it were not for a fabulous community of fellow entrepreneurs and rebels: my Lift Off peeps.

Thinking about my peeps and about how supported I feel by them, I was reminded of the power and importance of environment design, a concept I first learned at CoachVille.  And so this week’s post is the first in a series I will be writing about the principles I learned in the environment design classes, now dubbed the World Power Method.

Let me start by sharing the nine different environments first created by Thomas Leonard, founder of CoachVille.  They are:

  • Memetic Environment – Ideas
  • Financial Environment – Money, Wealth and Budget
  • Relationship Environment – Close friends, family and close colleagues
  • Network Environment – Professional Connections, Greater Community
  • Physical Environment – Places and Things
  • Body Environment – Your Energy, Appearance and Clothing
  • Self Environment – Strengths, Talents and Character
  • Spiritual Environment – Deep Connections and Sacred Spaces
  • Nature Environment – The Great Outdoors

As you can see, our environments are much more than just the traditional ecological definition.  And how we attend to and shape our environments has a dramatic effect on our capacity to effect change and live joyous lives.   That is because, in the words of Thomas Leonard himself,

“The Environment Always Wins.”

In the most basic Darwinian sense, we adapt in order to survive.  And we adapt quite quickly!  Our environments have a powerful tug to maintain the status quo.  And because our Social Selves are always on the lookout of how to behave, belong and stay under the radar, we generally seek to behave as the environment expects us to.

Which brings me back to my peeps.  Our relationship environment, the people with whom we communicate on a daily basis, has a very strong influence on whether we have the strength to keep on keeping on.  By virtue of having attended Pam Slim and Charlie Gilkey’s amazing Lift Off retreat, I am now part of a phenomenal group of entrepreneurs that are out to change the world.

This wonderful group of people expects great things of me.  They saw me at my best during the retreat, and some of them have since hired me to coach them.  This expectation gives me strength and pulls me forward, even on the days when a fetal position and a nice novel sound much more appealing.  It also helps that we are constantly inundating each other’s inbox with support, questions and advice.  And celebrations!

Who are your peeps, and where are they pulling you?

My invitation to you is to scan your relationship and network environments.  Notice who gives you juice, and who saps you.  Notice where you could deploy better boundaries, in a caring and compassionate manner.  Notice who inspires you, and how you can be in connection with them on a regular basis.

And here is my coaching challenge for you:  In the comments below, write one thing you will START to do in your relationship environment.  Write one thing you will STOP, and one thing you will CHANGE.  Because when you start, stop and change things in your life, you are on your way to creating the life you actually want and deserve.

PS. Do your dreams need a safe environment?

Yes, I am still agitating about my upcoming class, “From WTF to OMG: Name & Claim Your Heart’s Calling.”  I’m passionate about creating safe, nurturing and fierce environments for peeps to seed and grow their dreams.  (Yes, nurturing and fierceness can co-exist, ask my clients.)  So if you are wanting a community of fellow seekers to name and claim what you’re really about, please join us.

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