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Julica Hermann is an empathic, nurturing and committed coach.  She has the energy to help lead you in an effort to take care of yourself as you make an epic impact on the world.  If you want a coach that will help you move through life with self-love and self-esteem, Julica is the coach for you.

– Martha Beck


Working with Julica changed my life. ¬†I’m a professional writer–yet I had always been prone to great writing crises, where I would rant and bellow and wail, and generally make my life, and the lives of anyone close to me, total misery. ¬†It reached a point where I needed to find a new profession, or a new way of writing. ¬†Julica showed me that the crises were a choice–and I could decide not to have them. ¬†I haven’t had one since. ¬†And then I realized that if I didn’t need to have writing crises, I didn’t need to have crises about anything else–e.g. men–either. ¬†These days, I wouldn’t say I’m serene, exactly, but I would say I lead a crisis-free life. ¬†I can’t say how much better this is, both for me, and those around me.

– Olivia


You want to work with Julica. In 15 minutes, Julica helped me solve a problem I had been working on for three full months by myself. Her gentle questioning, her inexhaustible ability to listen, and her deep compassion adds up to make her the best life coach I’ve ever worked with. She’s also incredibly sweet, wise, and totally amazeballs at getting you out of your own way. I always feel so safe and so seen when I work with her.

– Kyeli


Julica has a special talent for giving clear-headed, optimistic, and insightful feedback that I simply can’t get from friends and family. She can be very pragmatic or very philosophical depending on what my needs are in a given week, and overall I have made quantum leaps in a lot of different aspects of my life since I have been working with her.

– Sarah


Julica was everything I needed as a life coach. She helped me find the self-confidence, courage, words, and energy that I needed at just the right time in just the right amounts. I had those things in me all along but needed a little push to help find them and she did just that.

– Anna


Julica is an outstanding coach! She is honest, caring, sincere and knows how to keep things real. She has the ability to ask the right questions which allows you to see things in a whole new perspective. Her coaching helps you to make the transitions in your life that you may otherwise not make or just may not know how to begin… I needed someone to help motivate me and hold me accountable and Julica did that and so much more!

– TC



At peace would be how I would describe my sessions with Julica. Each session I have an A-ha! moment and walk away feeling relief and that a new door has opened for me for opportunity and growth. I don’t use this word often, but Julica is an AMAZING woman!

– Lisa Z


Working with Julica as a coach was incredible. She provided insight into my patterns and the motivation to examine those patterns in order to develop a new game plan as I started graduate school. Her coaching helped me with the many transitions going on in my life at the time and a safe environment to discuss my goals/dreams/problems. I am sincerely thankful for having had the opportunity to work with her!

– Adam


Through Julica’s coaching I learned that manifesting reality of your dreams is possible…even if you think your dreams are just dreams and could never be anything more than dreams. I also acquired the necessary tools to continue the process of making realities out of dreams as my life continues to unfold.

– Kristin