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Let there be ‘Joice’

Joice, you’re thinking? Yes, I know, ‘joice’ is not a word — or it wasn’t until that little ray of sunshine that lives in my home, my almost-three-year-old daughter Sofia, said it.

Among other amusing traits, Sofia has a very powerful voice box which she frequently deploys at full volume.  Sofia is always singing, especially in the car.  And there is one particular song which she sings with such gusto and enthusiasm, even though she doesn’t understand and cannot pronounce half the words, that lead me to writing this post today.

The song in question is “Stand” by Karen Drucker.  This lovely song is a repeating chant that says:

Let there be peace, I am a stand for peace. 

Let there be love, I am a stand for love. 

Let there be joy, I am a stand for joy.

We are making a new world now.

 It’s not hard to figure out why I love this song; it’s always been like an anthem for me.  It has now bumped up to the top of my hit parade, because every time Sofia sings it, she sings as loud as her little lungs will let her:


At first my reaction was, “Oh, adorable.  Another word she will one day stop mispronouncing.” (Like smaghetti. I love smaghetti.)

 But then it hit me: joice = joy + choice.

Brilliant!  And absolutely true. It is when we have choice and freedom to choose that we have access to surrender and joy. The more we see different viable options, the more we feel relief and are able to open up to the possibility that yes, one day I will be doing what I love and making a difference and paying all my bills.  This is actually going to happen.

In my work with my clients, I am often exploring their thoughts and limiting beliefs and old core intentions that are holding them back.  Pretty consistently, when our inner critic is screaming in our head, the pain we’re feeling is the perceived lack of choice.  We feel like we can’t do anything different, we can’t do anything right, we’re pretty much dead in the water.  But as soon as we consider the possibility that (a) it’s just a thought and (b) there are other thoughts that make me feel and act differently, lo!  We have choice and relief.  We can choose which thoughts we entertain.  We can choose which actions would be most aligned with our essential self.  We can choose, as I often do, to take a nap and revisit the whole catastrophe with fresh eyes and rested mind and open heart.

Recently, the freedom to choose self-care has been the door that leads me to joy and relief.  No surprise there, as I’m busy raising a three and seven year-old, and also raising this coaching business into a mature, adult, self-supporting outfit.  I have so many expectations of myself, it’s not even funny. I’m noticing that expectations and joy are inversely proportional.  The more I drop expectations, the more joy I have.

So here’s to the idea of ‘joice’ – the feeling of freedom and flexibility and many many options.

Where do you feel that you lack choices? What would happen if you freed yourself from expectations so you could experience more joy?

I’d love to hear in the comments, or join me for a free monthly Provocative Conversation and we’ll delve a bit deeper into what joice means for you.

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2 Responses to Let there be ‘Joice’

  1. Jennifer September 7, 2011 at 9:57 pm #


    You did it. You have your blog. It’s beautiful & wonderful, just like you. I decided to be the first to comment on this post. But I also love it & chose it because it’s about your cherub Sofia, who is clearly a budding musician — I can just hear her belting her anthem. Brings me joy!

    I love this word & hereby add it to my vocabulary. Joice. And thanks for the reminder — always needed — that during those tough, rough times of building businesses that I can consider the possibility that other thoughts make me feel different and better.


    • Julica Hermann September 8, 2011 at 8:54 am #

      Thank you, Jennifer! I’m very excited to finally be out in the blogosphere. And please do let me know if you encounter a particularly sticky thought – I’d be happy to zap it for you! ::big hugs::