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How I Coach: Philosophy

I believe that clients are creative, resourceful and whole. My clients and I co-create a relationship that supports them in reaching their goals and living a satisfying and meaningful life.

My approach is based on the idea that clients are either forwarding the action (accomplishing the steps necessary to reach their goals) or deepening the knowledge (understanding what is getting in the way of that action). My job is to keep us in either of these two arenas, and to keep the client focused on the next step needed to get where they wish to go.

I create a safe and confidential environment for clients to better understand themselves and their patterns. My clients often remark that they trust me with information they share with no one else in their lives. In this safe space, we determine what skills and strategies are necessary to bring new patterns into play and, through practice, make these new patterns a regular part of their lives.

In addition to identifying and changing old patterns, much of my coaching work is focused on environment design:together, clients and I identify what areas of their lives are supporting their success, and what parts need to be revitalized to create the results they desire.

When appropriate, I use exercises that help my clients identify their core values and visualize the futures they desire, and then bring their current life into alignment with that ideal future.

At the heart of my work is the belief that when we live our lives in ways that bring us joy and enthusiasm on a daily basis, we cannot help but make a significant difference in the world. Focusing on joy and pleasure helps us keep the perfectionist monster at bay. Rather than worrying about getting it right, I encourage my clients to identify and leverage daily practices that allow them to be fully self-expressed and authentic. I believe this authenticity helps us connect to Spirit, and connection to Spirit is the most powerful source of energy and change in our lives and our societies.

I subscribe to the philosophy that a coach can only be masterful when coaching games she has already won.In other words, I coach most powerfully when I draw on my lived experience and the lessons I’ve learned in the school of hard knocks. If you’d like to learn more about my experiences and assess whether I can help you reach your goals, contact me and schedule your complimentary exploratory session.