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Provocative Conversations

Hello there, peep.  Here’s the scoop on my free monthly call:

What: a one-hour conversation where I gather with my current clients, friends and colleagues to discuss the topic o’ the month.  These topics are inspired by things I’m reading, what I hear on the radio, or a conversation with someone.  You can also submit suggestions for future conversations, just give a holler.

When: The second Monday of every month (except August & December), at 1:30pm ET.

Why: I call this a “Provocative Conversation” because my intention is to inspire you and provoke you into action.  A “provocative conversation” is also one of the definitions of coaching, which I have been known to do on this call — but only if you want it, don’t worry, I promise not to pounce you.  😀

Another Why: I strongly believe most good things and big changes happen in the company and with the support of like-minded peeps.  My intention with this monthly conversation is to create a community of people who are invested in each other’s success and joy.  Come meet lovely people who, like you, are looking for inspiration and support to Do Epic Shit and live a more satisfying life.

How: On a lovely teleconference line, from the comfort of your home, car or office.  You click on the link below to sign up, I will add you to a monthly reminder email list, and give you ANOTHER link to the Maestro Conference registration process (yes, I know — technology was supposed to make things simpler, right?  Ha ha).  I will send you a monthly reminder the week before the call with the topic o’ the month.  Maestro Conference will remind you the day of the call, with your personal dial-in number and PIN.

Sign up here.

“See” you on the next call!