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New Class!

Here’s a secret: to make a difference in the world, you first need to turn inward and figure out your dreams.

Why? because when you are in alignment with your north star, and you know what gives you juice, you then become unstoppable in whatever arena of social change you’ve decided to engage.

Walt Disney said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

All that’s in the way is to give yourself permission to make it happen. What better way to do that than in a safe, stimulating and fiercely compassionate environment of fellow dreamers?


“From WTF to OMG:

Name and Claim Your Heart’s Calling”

A 7-week course for those of you who want to discover, articulate and claim what makes you passionate, and how that passion will transform your life and the world.


In this class, you will…

  • Understand what has been getting in the way of articulating your passion
  • Identify and recommit to your core values
  • Discover what your passion actually is!
  • Practice and deliver a 30-sec elevator speech on your “wildly improbable goal”
  • Create a visual representation of your “wildly improbable goal”
  • Understand how to analyze your dreams
  • Learn how to tell your partner/boss/parents what you want to be/do/create when you grow up without worrying them you’ve gone off the deep end


This class was offered Oct-Dec 2011.

What we covered:

Class 1: Creating Safety and Room For This Work; Introduction to Dreaming

In Which we create a safe space and community with each other, get a lay of the land, and start talking about dreaming, both asleep and awake

Class 2: Dream Analysis (the ones while you sleep) & Core Values

In Which we identify our core values and learn how to use them to identify our heart’s calling; and we learn how to analyze our sleeping dreams to mine them for clues and information

Class 3: Defrosting Your Dreams (the ones when you’re awake)

In Which we explore several techniques to connect to our waking dreams on a regular basis

Class 4: Giving Yourself Permission to Do Epic Shit

In Which we confront THE VOICE head on and identify useful ways to feel the fear and do it anyway

Class 5: If You Want a Fabulous Future, Envision It First

In Which we visit our future selves and learn what they have in store for us

Class 6: Wildly Improbable Goals & Spreading the News

In Which we actually take the plunge to name and claim our heart’s calling, and learn how to communicate our goals to our loved ones without freaking them out

Class 7: Celebration, Closure & Next Steps

In Which we celebrate all of our lovely discoveries, and learn some useful Next Steps once we’ve identified our dream(s)


I intend to create a home-study version of this class, to be released in 2012.  If you’d like to be notified, please add your name to my email updates list, the red box at the top right of every page on this website (you can’t miss it).  Thanks for your interest!