About Julica

Hello again!

Thank you for wanting to learn more about me.

I am a life coach for people seeking a post-perfectionist life.  In other words, I am a fierce advocate for you loving the life you already have.

I’ve been a coach since 2003, though I’ve been listening to peeps and helping them make choices since I was a resident advisor at the University of Michigan in 1992.

I also have 15+ years of facilitation, social justice education, training and organizational development at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and the non-profit and private sectors.  I especially enjoy Intergroup Dialogue facilitation, and most of my social justice work has centered around LBGTQ issues.

My big fancy credentials:

  • MSW (1998) and MA in Sociology (2004), University of Michigan
  • a 6-month “Foundations in Coaching” class from MentorCoach (2004)
  • completed the ICF-accredited CoachVille Graduate School for Coaches (2006)
  • found my tribe when I became a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach (2010)
  • Former Instructor of the Inner Freedom Method at CoachVille (2009-2012)

I am also an unrepentant self-help junkie, and I have spent many hours and dollars in workshops and trainings across the country.¬† Among these I especially value the Landmark Education curriculum, Jean Houston’s Mystery School, and Sacred Theatre with Peggy Rubin.¬† I also know much of my personal and spiritual development is due to the energy healing work of Christi Bemister, and the insightful and heart-centered psychotherapy of Deb Kraus, a virtuoso of EMDR.¬† I am profoundly grateful to them and to my many coaches and teachers, who keep me honest and walking my talk.

My interest in working with recovering overachievers is fairly recent; when I first started coaching I worked with college students or young adults who had recently graduated, helping them figure out what to be when they grew up.  Soon, I started attracting clients of all ages also trying to figure that out!  Later, as I learned more about niches, marketing and finding my peeps, I re-branded and made a shiny new website specifically focused on social change agents who were interested in connecting joy to justice.

All of these foci remain important to me.¬† However, the challenging work of being a “solo-preneur” soon triggered my deepest perfectionist tendencies, and I hit the wall — hard.¬† On the other side of my own personal breakdown spiritual awakening (thank you, Bren√© Brown), I realized that living a post-perfectionist life had to be my number one priority.¬† After exploring and dealing with my own perfectionist patterns, I turned around and realized that most of the clients I had worked with were also recovering overachievers…and here we are.

But wait, there’s more!¬† I also have a background in dance and movement instruction, including a white belt in the NIA technique.¬† If you haven’t guessed it by now, I am what Barbara Sher calls a Scanner, and I will start new projects quicker than you can say “ooh, look at that shiny new object!” I play with yarn, fabric, frosting, feather boas and glitter every chance I get.¬† You can see some of my creations when you friend me on facebook.¬† There, you will also hear me rant and rave about the biggest post-perfectionist project of them all: raising two beautiful and obstreperous little girls with my husband Michael in Lansing, Michigan.

But enough about me!¬† What about you?¬† Don’t you want to give me a call so together we can figure out if I can help you?